scammed my winnings of RM 28,325 scammed my winnings of RM 28,325

Be careful out there, I got scammed by this casino called My capital was RM 6000 and i won until RM 28,325. That is when I decided to cash out but they ignored my messages and whatsapp.


  1. wah siao 28k @@ ,i never play this casino b4 la but i think some really got withdrawal limit by VIP level even their live chat dont know since majority they also hire some amoi or intern as live chat only . Hope you got back your money , cry die me if it is me

    • Boh ar brother. Deposit also didnt get back. Got any jalan or not?

    • They block my account and whatsapp

      • well bro, what kind of road i can give… im not a casino police also.. Your best chance is go make some noise in facebook also, 唱shui them and ruin their reputation… you can also find their info in ssm using their bank account’s name

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