Free Points and Silver Daily

Free Points and Silver Daily

New Feature Addition in Pub100! Now you can get even more free points daily, if you are lucky , you can get 1 Silver too!

CODE : ?????

The code changes everyday! To get the code Visit Pub100’s Facebook page everyday to get the code!

What can Points do?

Play Scratch Card

You can use this point to play scratch card to earn more points. You can also play mini games to earn more points!

Convert into RM (Cash)

Converting Points to RM(Cash) can be used for claiming Free Bets! More points = more Free Bets!

Claim Free Credits

You can redeem free bet if you have enough RM(cash). You get to bet for free at our sponsored casinos!

Notes and Steps

  • Steps & Procedures

    1. Click the button “Redeem Here” to visit Pub100.
    2. The coupon code is located in Pub100 facebook page. A facebook button is available in the page.
    3. Look for the latest post in Pub100’s facebook page. It will have the code on the description.
    4. Insert the code from Facebook to claim points.
    5. You should get 500 points or 1 Silver instantly. You can check your total point on the right side for desktop view or below on mobile view.
    6. Collect more points or Convert into RM to Claim Free bets!
  • Note & Conditions

    1. You must be registered or logged in Pub100 to claim coupon. Coupon cannot be used anywhere else.
    2. Points are used to convert to “RM” for claiming free bets.
    3. There are total 30 coupons per day. One Coupon Per User Only. First come first serve basis. Coupon code will be not effective once finished.
    4. Coupon code will be changed everyday. Be sure to Like & Follow Pub100 page to get the latest update daily.

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