Guide to Download K138 APP

Guide to Download K138 APP

Online casino is becoming famous today, most of the casinos are evolving from web-based online casino to mobile application (Mobile App) casino.

K138 has Developed a mobile app for casino players which is K138 App.

The player who newly joins K138 can follow our steps to install K138 App and the advantages of play on casino app.

How to Install k138 Mobile App ( Android /IOS )

Here are few easy steps you need to follow to download k138 Mobile App to your mobile device:

Step 1: Visit site.

Step 2: You can choose to scan the code or go to K138 mobile App, choose your mobile device system type “Android” or “iOS and directly download the files into your mobile device show as the images below:

Step 3: Sometimes your mobile device will ask for permission for downloading the application. In this situation, you need to select “Allow” to download in order to complete downloading and successfully install K138 App into your mobile device.

Final Step: Once successfully install our App into your mobile device, you can now open the App and login to k138 games interface

For IOS :You can visit our “How to install K138 IOS” and read our guidelines.

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