Playsafe & General Changes (12 August 2021)

Playsafe & General Changes (12 August 2021)

Casino Pub would like to notify every members that we have recently updated our Playsafe & Silver benefits, & Sponsored post additions.

Below are the few summary of changes.

  1.  PLAE8 Online casino is now a sponsor partner with Casino Pub. Deposits made in PLAE8 will now eligible for 
    – Silver Claims (Claimable in Pub100)
    – PlaySafe Protection (PlaySafe Details)
  2. 1xbet are no longer available for any Casino Pub/Pub100 related benefits until further notice. If you have any dispute about 1xbet8 , kindly contact us (Members only). 
  3. Sponsored Post by Main Sponsors (ox88, Play88, k138, w138, PLAE8) will periodically include a coupon code. You may claim said code in Pub100’s claim page.
    Claim Page

Thank you for your continuous support on Casino Pub & Pub100. 


  1. Thanks for the announcement!

  2. Thanks for the update 🙂

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