UNCLEJAY Online Casino Cannot Withdrawal !

UNCLEJAY Online Casino Cannot Withdrawal !

UncleJay online casino scamming ppl’s money.

On Hold my withdrawal for more than 24 hours

Customer Service did not response.

Be careful not to play at this scamming online casino site


  1. Unclejay already blacklisted a longtime ago, before put in money should survey properly first.

  2. 他们的网址
    网址: https://www.uncle-jay.com/
    之前玩过几次大的出款都没问题。但是24 Nov 2021进了RM 6000, 打完流水RM13000洗出来可以,然後有留一點錢在裏面又贏了RM12000 要洗出来。一个小时后, 钱还没收到,问customer service, customer service 说他們會檢查 过后再去查,就一直沒有收到。問customer service 也是直接已讀不回了。
    我打了很长的message他一句都没回我,以其他顾客身份问customer service, 也是直接不理你。就是看了你讯息不回你,一句也没回。
    联系livechat和whatapps 看到你讯息没回你,一句也没有,拖到现在钱没收到
    大家請小心 UNCLE JAY 這個website

  3. feel bad for you bro… next time do some simple google search like for example “unclejay scam” can help prevent this happening. Hope you get your money back

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