Unprofessional customer service by DAFABET

Unprofessional customer service by DAFABET

DAFABET It’s bad man, after I received the signed up bonus golden chip Rm50 but when into game is nothing, so I first time go to live chat for assistance, what I want to say is the customer service is really bad and very low standard such a big company still keep this kind of customer service, think to support but better don’t, if think to get mad sure go for it, I asked about why don’t have golden chip in the game, then the cs told me because I didn’t follow the instructions that why don’t have it, WHAT??? I follow a to z okay, please la since u giving it as free then seem like take your life don’t willing to give, like this u better save it and don’t tell the world, of course who don’t want free? And then ask me go try again clear the cache and reboot the phone this and that I did it but same, no credit in the game, but I already did a to z as mention in website, then I found out from playtech live game there option it can be enable or disable by platform provided, and I call to playtech I get my answer, because it’s disable by provided, no wonder man, I spend more than 2hours to search and find the matter, and I go back to cs but firstly I didn’t tell cs is because the feature is disable that why don’t have golden chip in the game, I asked still the same and C’s told me because I didn’t follow and ask me to go in again but there is 10 left, I ask why become 10 C’s say many excuses….and ask me go re-login again, finally I can’t hold it anymore I told Cs is it already enable the feature of golden chip if not don’t ask me to follow and do this and that, the DAFABET Cs treat customer like fool man, and bad manner and attitude, wasted my time and keep playing me like fool, didn’t enable the feature ask us follow a to z 0 to 9 how accurate we follow also nothing lorrr if never enable the feature, such big company using this dirty skill to cheat customer, it’s damn bad man, win or lose doesn’t matter, but it’s seem like setting a trap to get customer to fall their game, DAFABET maybe it’s not your wrong it’s your cs problems, please la after monitor and filter only give then become Cs, and the cs always ask me to check and see the website if website is clear and understandable I won’t go to u lorrr DAFABET CS, think back it’s bad man….treat customer like fool, hope to support u one but the cs like u hiring will destroy your company if very sure….anyway hope to get some feedback from u as well, thank you 

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  1. This case make me no more confident to gamble at this kind dafabet online casino!Nvm, still got many good reputation online casino for choosing.

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